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Adapting to the role of cultural transformation - training o

From July 9th to 14, we are on the 25 new recruits to the entry training and development training.

Induction training in our conference room held, training contents include: & ldquo; safety education & rdquo;, & ldquo; company profile & rdquo;, & ldquo; employee career career planning & rdquo;, & ldquo; regulations & rdquo;, & ldquo; products and market & rdquo;, & ldquo; company production & rdquo;, & ldquo; financial knowledge & rdquo; by the corporate sector, leading speaker.

Finally, chairman of the company and the new employee, and put forward some suggestions and expectations for new employees, he hoped that the new employee can as soon as possible to integrate into China this big family. China will also new employees provide a good development platform.

During the period, the new recruits for training day in yangmadao.