Anti Fingerprint Oil

PVD anti fingerprint oil

PVD anti fingerprint oil

Type:optical adhesive

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Product description

The anti fingerprint products is by a modified anti pollution resin and organic fluorine resin and organic solvent mixture and water soluble nano coating, in addition to the superior performance of the coating, and take into account environmental process, in the appearance of texture and gloss can according to the requirements of the product characteristics be adjusted and controlled, can appear bright and dull metal texture, the drawing surface and Sus material and PVD process on fingerprint resistant and resistant to dirt application is very broad.

Product features

We can show the metal itself luster, no resin coating.
The operation process is simple, easy to adjust the paint.
The metal binding Lijia, and coating with superior performance.
The related surface treatment process, application can be flexible.
The   the product of high utilization rate, less pollution to the environment.

Application range

Mobile phone and 3C industry, hardware tools, building materials, automobile accessories, stationery, locks, etc...


packing: 20L/ barrel

Paint debug method

The transparent coating debugging: open the lid, clean plastic tube or a stainless steel tube to 400 mesh filter cloth filter material after mixing evenly, standing for half an hour or so can be used.
] color compensation adjustment: need to paint diluted with water, then add transparent coatings have been good, mix evenly with 400 mesh filter cloth filter, standing for half an hour or so can use.
] extinction dope debugging: according to the need of extinction degree, adding proper amount of matte agent to adjust the customer required extinction dope, and stir with a 200 mesh filter cloth filter after use,

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