Anti Fingerprint Oil

Stainless steel fingerprint oil

Stainless steel fingerprint oil

Type:optical adhesive

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Product Description:

Stainless steel anti oil fingerprint (anti fingerprint oil) is modified with acrylic resin coatings, in addition to the superior performance of the coating, and take into account environmental process, good metal texture and good anti fingerprint effect, in stainless steel, zinc magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy and Sus material and PVD process anti fingerprint and application of dirt resistance is also very broad. Especially in the stainless steel products, can reduce the contact due to the finger and produce fingerprints, and easy to rub.

Product features:

We have excellent adhesion, high gloss, good permeability.
The product of short baking time, simplifies the production process, greatly improves the yield of workpiece.
That the products comply with international safety standards and EU RoSH paint testing standards.
We can show the metal itself luster, no resin coating.
The operation process is simple, easy to adjust the paint.
The metal binding Lijia, and coating with superior performance.
- this product in boiling water for 1 hours, 48 hours, RCA salt fog resistance, 300 ring.

Use notes:

The surface of the substrate must remove oil, dust and other substances, to ensure that the surface effect and enhance the adhesion of the coating to the substrate.
The user should be tested according to different base materials with appropriate oil samples after spraying, determined to meet the requirements before the batch application.
] coatings containing low molecular propylene monomer, polymer, the contact angle of the skin will stimulate may make skin rash, etc., using it, please wear protective gloves, sticky to the skin, please use clean water rinse.
The manual is for reference only, without any guarantee, please test before use for worship.

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