Peel Adhesive

Stripping blue gum

Stripping blue gum

Type:optical adhesive

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The main advantages of

1, good
3, good strength and toughness of
The protection of 4, very good, can make acid protection
160, 5 degrees Celsius for baking 10-15 minutes, Gao Jie degrees, ultra-low smell, long time to buy no penetration, no smoke

Operating parameters

1, screen printing, using 200-250 polyester yarn, 22.5 degrees piece of net, net pulp thickness of 25 um as appropriate, ensure protection printing glue thickness in 30-50 micron most appropriate, according to the distance from the screen of their machinery and equipment adjust screen printing, squeegee pressure and scraping plate angle.
2, good printing wet film protection glue should be wet and full, can't have pinhole phenomenon or air, otherwise please adjust the printing machine construction parameters, and then print, print until good.
3, pre curing. According to the respective TP process, the temperature can be baked in UV oven for 20 minutes or 80 minutes, then can be dry; then another printing operation is carried out..
4, the real curing conditions: FILM ITO with 130 for 30 minutes; or 140 for 20 minutes. Bake at 150 for 20 minutes at GLASS ITO; bake for 10 minutes at 160.


1, when cleaning, please use ethyl, butyl or general wash water network;
2, if swallowed, inhaled, or to be harmful in contact with skin, so use immediately after a thorough cleaning, to avoid eyes, skin or clothing contact, not near the fire or burning objects, when used to air circulation; < br / > 3, stored at a temperature of 25 DEG C, should be kept tightly when not in use, store in a cool and ventilated place;
4, the best use of the original can be 3 months after the factory.